Top 5 Free Mixing Effect Vst Plugins For Beat Makers And Producers

Top 5 Free VST Plugins For Beat Makers and Producers

What is a Plug-in? Where can i find good free VST plugins?

What makes a good Mix perfect? Simple: your Vst plug-ins.

What is a Vst Plug-in?

A Virtual Studio Technology (VST) uses digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software.

They are fun toys that offer endless possibilities to transform your Raw sound into something new.

Each one gives you a new way of transforming your Raw Audio. Nothing feels better than having all of these fun controllers at your fingertips. All completely free of cost.

Here Are The Top 5 Plugins


K-Meter by Martin Zuther

If you care about your recordings you definetly want this plug-in.

This Metering plugin supports Mono and Stereo.

The K-Meter will help you adjust the levels of your Mix so you will have enough Headroom for Mastering and for a Vocal to be placed on top of your Instrumental.

I personally use this plugin in every beat i make because it is very usefull.



Vallhalla Freq Echo

Everybody loves Valhalla Vst Plugins including myself.

This Vst is good for dub and psychedelic effects.

Another plugin that supports Mono and Stereo

You can controll: delay, Feedback, Low cut, High cut and much more.


iZotope Vinyl

If you like lofi / vinyl effects then you will enjoy playing with this badboy by iZotope

Your new recordings will sound like they are from an earlier decade.

It is great to get that Drake lo-fi effect on your mix.

Slap this plugin on your mixer, add a low-pass filter and you are good to go.


Revival – Slate Digital

Breath new life into your Mixes

This plugin has 2 knobs, Shimmer and Thickness… simple right ?

But its so powerfull and most importantly, its free !

The Revival plugin is the result of a ton of research into what makes analog gear sound so unique.


Panipulator 2.0


You finished your Mix it sounds Amazing but then you hop on into your Car, you play your song and it sounds terrible.

This plugin simulates many environments so you can be sure that your mixes will translate across all systems.

The best feature is that it barely uses any Ram so you can put it across all of your mixes and not worry about your Ram usage.

With the flip of a switch you can hear your song in all kind of Environments.


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