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You are not afraid of the dark, are you ?


Whether you are a Short Movie Maker / Creator on a Budged or a YouTuber / Video hobbyist, our uncomplicated Copyright free music will fit the needs of any user on a Low Budged perfectly. Check out free hip hop beats instrumentals.


Cursedsound produces a variety of professional Free Rap Instrumental Beats for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Rappers. These Rap and Hip Hop Instrumental Beats are for non-commercial use only and can be downloaded for free in the Beats section. Be sure to give proper credit if you use them.


When you Buy Rap Beats from, we will make sure that you are going to get the Highest Quality Rap Beats for your Mix-Tape, Album, Demo and More. You can choose between MP3, WAV and Trackouts. Make sure to send us your finished Track, we will share it across all our Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more! We want to help you grow your business !


We offer Instant Delivery after you purchase via PayPal. As soon as the Transaction is complete the Beat or Instrumental will become Downloadable from our Beat Section. Dont wait ages for Emails and confirmations just check out and Download instantly and as often as you want ! Download the Beat on your Phone, Tablet, PC and wherever you wish !


Having Trouble finding the right Beats for your needs? We offer Custom Beats, made exclusively for you! We will work on the Instrumental together until you are satisfied. Just send us an Email or Contact us via Social Media and we will work it out from there. We will make as many changes as you need to the Beats!


We want to help you grow with Free Promotion! If you Purchase a Lease or Exclusive at and send us the Video or Audio of you using the instrumental beat, we will post it across all our Social Media as well as our Blog and YouTube channel. We don't just want a Customer we want a Partner, who will grow together with us. We will help you grow your youtube channel and your social media or website!

Our High Quality Beats and Instrumentals

Please follow the instructions on the player, to purchase a high quality beat or download it for free.



Are you on a Mobile Device?
Then check out our Mobile Friendly Beat Player !
All our Hip Hop Instrumentals have been mixed perfectly to give you just enough Headroom to place your vocal over it without any clipping or distortion.
Many producers forget about this but for us the client comes first, thats why you will always get the highest quality possible from us!

Silence Makes You Hear Things That Arent Really There... Or Are They?

These Scary Rap Beats and Instrumentals would give Freddy Krueger Nightmares
Listen to these Cursed Instrumentals for yourself if you dare.
Be sure to comment on your favorites, and share with your friends if you survive this Trip into the Underworld.
We at make sure you get the most frightening experience possible with our Music



CursedSound is a fast growing online instrumental music (beat) making firm. We craft all our sounds and samples ourself, using many high quality vsts like Sylenth1, Spire and Massive and alot of Hardware. Our service is highly valuable to Rappers, Youtubers, Short Filmmakers etc. They focus on Rapping and Filming, while we produce the perfect song for them. We are the numbrt one source for hip hop beats & instrumentals in the World. We dont just sell beats to customers we build a long lasting Relationship and we help each other out. After you purchase a beat we will share your work across all our Social Media to make sure your internet presence grows!


OUR FREE BEATS ARE LICENSED USING A CREATIVE COMMONS LEASE LICENSE: You may use these Instrumentals for educational and non-commercial projects (SONG/VIDEO/PODCAST/ETC) and may distribute unlimited copies of your production. Written credit must be given to (Beat by

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